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Limitless Possibilities

Create extraordinary experiences directly through your apps & websites.
Immerse your audience in the world of your brand & product with Illumix’s Augmented Reality Platform.

Virtual Try On

Bring the power of the in-store experience directly to your online customers. Our platform enables frictionless real time 2D & 3D try on through your website.

Product Configuration & Visualization

Increase customer confidence & boost sales from anywhere. Give customers the power to interact with products, and see how they'll look and feel in their space.

Immersive Marketing

Deepen immersion & engagement with an innovative approach. Leverage our platform to easily create high impact campaigns.

Mixed Reality Gaming

Craft complex experiences for your players that have high customizability and replay value. Our platform offers a wide range of interactions that seamlessly merge the digital & physical.

Live Events

Take your event to the next level. Epic real time effects & sky shows are just some of the incredible moments that our platform can bring to your fans right on their phones.

Venue Based Experiences

Make the impossible real. Let users discover familiar venues in a whole new way by creating connections between real world & digital content.

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Outperform the Competition

Augmented reality (AR) is a critical way for brands to capture consumer attention, provide an immersive product experience, and build consumer confidence.

Consumers are redefining the digital experience by using AR.

AR campaigns result in ~2x the level of visual attention when compared to non-AR equivalents. AR leads to improved product memory and a more powerful consumer response.

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customers shopping with AR online & in stores today


revenue amplification from brands utilizing AR experiences


of shoppers agree that AR gives them more confidence in the product


of users say they are more likely to engage with a brand that uses AR

The Illumix Platform is Proven to Win

Top brands use Illumix's AR Platform to fuel their immersive experiences. We are the trusted choice for some of the biggest names across entertainment & ecommerce.


Augmented Reality is quickly becoming one of the top technologies for retail companies to utilize when it comes to brand engagement and buyer confidence.

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Check out our AR Engine’s capabilities at the Disney Accelerator Demo Day!

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