Interactive shopping for eCommerce

Illumix is a new tool for marketing leaders, providing a real-time Immersive Shopping platform that helps you decrease returns and increase cart value

Increase in online conversions
Increase in on storefront and brand engagement
decrease in returns when using Illumix software

How it works

Upload a picture of your product


Illumix will optimize the asset for immersive try-on


Embed it on your website and only pay when clicked!

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Empower your vision with endless creative experiences

With Illumix's low code AR software, the possibilities for creative experiences are truly endless. You don't need significant technical expertise or resources to bring your ideas to life - simply unleash your imagination and start building.

See your digital space come to life with 3D Augmented Reality

Allow shoppers to explore products from every angle through an interactive virtual experience.

Increased customer engagement

Streamlined production processes

Improved customer satisfaction

Transform the Way You Shop: Experience Virtual Try-On with Illumix

Provide an immersive way for customers to try out clothing and accessories virtually, so they can get a better idea of how it will look before committing to buy.

Enhanced customer engagement

Increased customer satisfaction

Reduced return rates

Design and customize like it's right in front of you.

Allows customers to design and customize products to their specific needs and preferences, increasing their engagement with the product.

Increased customer engagement

Streamlined production processes

Improved customer satisfaction

Create Unforgettable Brand Experiences with Illumix's immersive marketing solutions

Create unique and memorable experiences that increase brand awareness and exposure.

Increased brand awareness

Higher customer engagement

Improved customer loyalty

Build trust and confidence across the pre-purchase journey
Support consumers while reducing customer service costs
Low code solution that lets you go live within minutes

Integrate with the tools you're already using

Integrating augmented reality experiences into your ecommerce platform is easier than ever. With Illumix, you can create engaging and personalized shopping experiences that delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

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Which Augmented Reality Superpower Will You Choose?

Find your perfect augmented reality solution by comparing Illumix to the conventional process.

Conventional process
No coding skills required
Conventional Process
Specialized developers
Product images you already have
Conventional Process
Time wasted creating 3D asset
1-2 Days until you're live
Conventional Process
1-2 Months until you're live
0.05/ view + cancel anytime
Conventional Process
Starting at $25,000 + annual contracts
No maintenance required
Conventional Process
Specialized developers
Illumix's software
Conventional Process
Unity 3D, Xcode, Visual Studio, IOS/ Android, + More

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