Augmented Reality Home: Redecorating, Upgraded

11 Jan 2022
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Redecorating can be a fun process, but sometimes it can be a frustrating one. From measuring out space inch-by-inch to choosing just the right colors for your walls, there are many factors to consider. 

Often, you’ll get a piece of furniture into your home, and it doesn’t fit, or you’ll put a paint color on the wall that just isn’t right. 

But what if we told you redecorating doesn’t have to be like that? We've got a new solution if you’ve got the itch to redecorate. 

Augmented reality is not just for gaming. AR is just the ticket for home solutions. Read on for more about:

  • What AR Is 
  • How AR Works
  • 15 Apps That Redefine Redecorating

What Is AR and How Does It Work?

To some, augmented reality sounds like something that only Star Trek’s Spock could use. But guess what? AR is way more accessible than you might think. Keep reading, and we’ll give you a crash course on AR and how it works.

What Is AR?

Augmented reality is where the physical world meets the digital world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), AR is not a full plunge into the digital world — rather, it enhances the real world with superimposed 3D digital images, sounds, and interactivity. 

How Does AR Work?

AR technology uses a computer process to create digital images. First, the AR-enabled device examines the environment. Then, it makes a digital 3D copy of the image, called a digital twin. From there, the software uses real-time data to connect and stream. Once the image has been created, the user can take over the process through touch-screen and voice activation.

Augmented reality technology allows users to interact in the metaverse using endless digital overlays to make any environment come to life. 

Redecorating With AR

Whether you’re an interior designer wanting to give clients more accurate visuals or to spruce up your home, it’s time to consider redecorating with AR. 

Most AR apps for decorating work by:

  • Selecting your desired new home feature
  • Allowing your mobile phone camera to scan the room
  • Seeing how that feature would look in your home 

Augmented reality has exploded onto the scene, and that means options. You might be surprised that there is a wide variety of AR tools to choose from when it comes to decorating.

And guess what? Illumix has researched for you. Keep reading for our biggest tips and best choices. 

15 Apps That Redefine Redecorating


If you like the idea of being able to visualize AR along with the guidance of a human, has what you need. 

The app offers access to live experts who are there to guide you through the process and products. It also allows you an in-home preview to see how everything looks in your home without having to leave it.

2. magicplan

This app is aimed less towards the everyday redecorator and more towards contractors. This app could be magic if you are a contractor or project manager looking to streamline your process. 

The app allows interior sketch plans with 2D and 3D capabilities, photos, 360° images, and several customizable tools. 

It also has in-app estimates to ensure everything you want is in your project budget. 

3. ColorSnap

This is Sherwin Williams’ app that is here for all your painting needs. The Instant Paint feature offers a seamless way to try out many colors in real-time for your home. It can also match colors that you’ve seen out and about to paint colors for your walls. 

You can scan color numbers, see paint in daytime and night lighting, and use their paint calculator to ensure you purchase the right amount of product. 

4. IKEA Place

You’ll be excited about this one if you're an IKEA lover. The IKEA Place app enables users to see scaled 3D models of any piece of furniture in their desired room. 

You’ll have no more guessing or driving back and forth with this app — just point, aim, and shoot your camera at the room you want to renovate, and IKEA Place will show you just what your new room could be. 

5. Decor Matters

Interior designers and do-it-yourself decorators alike love Decor Matters. With rave reviews from several publications, this app boasts templates, real-life options, challenges, a social media community, millions of furniture pieces from well-known brands, and other special features. 

6. Wayfair

Wayfair is known for its discounts and deals, but its app now brings decorating delight. Wayfair lets you see any piece of furniture in a true-to-scale, 3D form at any angle of your room without lifting anything but your finger. 

In addition to that, the app doesn’t stop at furniture. Any product on Wayfair, from posters to pillows, can be superimposed into your home through your phone. 

7. roOomy

If you work in the real estate industry, roOomy might be just what you need to get ahead of the competition. Instead of taking the time and money to stage a home you are trying to set, this app offers virtual staging to transform any room without all the hassle. roOomy allows you to digitally stage any room to your clients’ taste so they interact and form a connection with what could be their new home. 

8. Housecraft

This app has more of a gamified feel to it. If you don’t need to see real-life furniture and just want to play around with some room configurations, then Housecraft is a fun option. 

It still has customizable options to see dimensions and 3D furniture. It also has sharing capabilities, so you can send your creations to anyone you want.


PLNAR is marketed towards redecorators, contractors, and insurance adjusters alike. Love to build things from the ground up? PLNAR could be where you spend your time. You can create 2D and 3D models of your space, use photos of a real-life room, or use templates from the app. 

10. Measure

While this app will not allow you to redesign an entire room with visualizations, it’s a handy dandy tool in your back pocket. The Measure app is your digital replacement for a measuring tape. 

If it’s got dimensions, Measure can capture them. Use your camera to focus on the image you’d like to measure, and the app will catch it, let you know its dimensions, and save it to your phone. 

11. Project Color

This is Home Depot’s augmented reality app that lets you confidently begin your paint project. You can browse paint colors, see how they look in any room, and even get suggestions based on the aesthetic you want in your room.

12. Houzz

Houzz is a tool you can use if you need visual inspiration. It offers thousands of virtual 3D models of bathrooms to backyards. Use its filters to ensure you are honed in on the AR options to give you a real-life feel of how your room could look. 

13. Planner 5D

Planner 5D takes you through every possible option you could bring to your home. Take a photo of the room you want to redecorate and choose from thousands of options for paint, decor, furniture, lighting, and any other interior design element you could imagine. 

14. Amazon AR View

If you’ve ever said, “You can find anything on Amazon,” that statement now includes augmented reality options. Customers love Amazon because it seems to have endless possibilities, fair price points, and reliable shipping. 

The “View in Your Room” feature cuts the guesswork by showing real-time visuals using an image overlay to complete the design of any room.

15. Try On for Home

Calling all Pinterest lovers. This last one’s for you. Pinterest is taking its platform one step further. Now, you can do more than just Pin. 

You can use your camera to virtually place items you’ve Pinned into your home. Instead of leaving your design dreams on a Board, now you can make an entire room come to life in real-time 3D.


When it’s time to redecorate your home, there are so many decisions to make. But now, with the help of AR technology, redecorating just got a lot easier. 

Depending on your needs, there’s an augmented reality app for you. Try redecorating with one of our fifteen suggestions and watch your room come to life in the palm of your hand. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the metaverse and AR technologies, check out the rest of our site. 

Here at Illumix, we specialize in building dynamic AR experiences that can enhance your brand. We’ve done the heavy lifting already. Contact us to learn how we can help.


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