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Augmented Reality Stadium: More Than a Game

Examine how sporting events have used augmented reality and how they continue to evolve. Click here to learn more about augmented reality stadiums.

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Virtual Ring Try On: Better Than the Real Thing

With increased virtual shopping, businesses can improve their conversion by using virtual try-ons to allow customers to try before they buy.

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5 Ways To Boost Event Engagement

Engagement with your audience is everything. But how can you boost engagement at your upcoming event? See inside for our top tips.

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What Is Mixed Reality? Going Beyond AR & VR

What is mixed reality? Follow us into the metaverse as we guide you through the world beyond AR and VR. Click here to learn more.

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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Marketing

Omnichannel and multichannel marketing often get conflated. Please keep reading to learn about each and how they are distinct.

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Metaverse 101: Web3, AR, VR, & More

Want to know more about the metaverse? Enroll in Metaverse 101. Keep reading for your crash course about the metaverse.

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Multi-Touch Attribution: Essential for eCommerce

Learn what multi-touch attribution is and how to implement it. Click here for more info on this essential aspect of eCommerce.

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eCommerce Marketing: Growing Your Business Online

Ready to grow your eCommerce business? Check out how to create your brand and grow your business with these eCommerce marketing tips.

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Immersive Experience: Make Your Online Store Alive

We know it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about immersive experiences and how they can help your online store thrive.

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The Future of Augmented Reality

Take a journey with us as we tell you all about the future of augmented reality. Click here to learn more about this with Illumix.

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How Does Augmented Reality Work? A Primer

Curious about augmented reality? Look inside for a primer on how AR works, its pros and cons, and how to use it in your business or personal life.

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360 Furniture: AR and the Future of Design

Find out how augmented reality has modernized the design experience. Click here to learn more about AR and the future from Illumix.

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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: Now You Know

Curious about AR and VR? Take a look inside for the need-to-know on these two digital experiences. Click here to learn more.

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Benefits of Augmented Reality: In Business & Life

Augmented reality is not just gaming. Read on for the benefits of augmented reality in business and life. Click here to learn more.

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AR Ideas: Innovative Ways To Use Augmented Reality

Looking for some brilliantly innovative ways to use AR technology? Keep reading for innovative ways to use AR from Illumix.

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eCommerce Experiences: Upgrade With AR

Want more customers to buy from your online store? Upgrade with augmented reality to give them so much more. Click here to learn more.

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Augmented Reality Home: Redecorating, Upgraded

In the modern age, redecorating trouble is a thing of the past. Augmented reality is here to make your home redecorating process smoother than ever.

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